RoadCheck 2014…Are You Prepared? June 3-5

1Each year the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducts an Inspection Blitz of buses and trucks. A not-for-profit, international organization, the CVSA comprises safety officials from local, territorial, state, and federal governments with professionals in industry from the USA, Mexico, and Canada. Their mission is to help improve the security and safety of commercial motor vehicles through leadership and in enforcement of its policies.

This targeted inspection is conducted over a 72 hour time period in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Certified inspectors from several government and international agencies conduct compliance, enforcement and educational initiatives targeted at drivers, commercial motor vehicles and cargo securement. Each year the focus is on a different safety or security regulations such as brakes, cargo securement, driver medical status, drug & alcohol enforcement, etc.

This year the inspections will take place from Tuesday, June 3rd to Thursday, June 5th throughout North America. In 2013, 73,023 trucks and buses were inspected with 22.4% of trucks and 3.9% of drivers being placed out of service. This was a historically low percentage.

2013 Road Statistics:

– There were 73,023 buses and trucks inspected

-Of those, there were 47,771 Level 1 inspections

-Out of 47,771 inspections, 24.1% had OOS violations.

-71,630 drivers were inspected.

-Of the total number of drivers inspected, 4.3% had OOS violations.

– There were also 899 seatbelt violations.

As professional truckers, we all want to do our best to be safe and secure, so let’s mark your calendars, inform your drivers, dispatchers, mechanics, safety personnel and others involved to be prepared during this 72 hour period. The following are the things that the company and the drivers can do to be prepared:

  1. Make sure that all vehicles are properly maintained and have proof of the Annual Inspection.
  2. Make sure that all lights illuminate and that brakes and tires are within the standards.
  3. Make sure that all registration, insurance, permits, etc. are available for inspection.
  4. Drivers should conduct both pre and post trip inspections daily.
  5. Vehicles shall be clean inside and outside (Cleanliness Pays).
  6. Drivers need to keep current log books and within the hours-of-service regulations. Don’t forget the 30 minute break.
  7. Drivers must have a current medical card and commercial driver’s license (CDL).
  8. Drivers must always wear their seatbelts.
  9. Make sure that all cargo is secured properly to prevent shifting.
  10. Be professional, courteous, maintain a positive attitude and don’t take it out on the inspector – they have a job just like you do. Ask for a sticker to show that you passed the inspection,
  11. Remember, all inspection violations will become part of your CSA record.
  12. Above all, let’s be safe and return home to our loved ones.