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Current Open Positions

Environmental Technician

Full-Time Employment

May 4, 2021

Job Description:

This position will provide support to Bay Environmental Strategies, Inc. (BAY) project managers and staff. This position will include a broad exposure to several different regulatory areas—remediation and redevelopment, industrial compliance, wetland, and indoor air quality. The following will be some of the responsibilities of the position:

  • Sampling monitoring wells.

  • Sampling and describing soil conditions.

  • Maintaining organization and supplies in equipment room, including re-ordering when low.

  • Drafting and updating site maps.

  • Updating and creating data tables.

  • Writing letter reports.

  • Answering phones, when needed.

  • Sampling indoor air quality.

  • Assist with wetland delineations and restorations.

  • Perform asbestos sampling.

  • Perform wastewater sampling.

  • Assist BAY staff as needed.

Position Compensation:

Compensation will be based on the candidate’s relevant experience and how quickly they can transition from training to utilization. This position will be entry level. The experience gained will assist you at developing skills and experience to advance your career and compensation. The position will be salaried based on a 40-hour work week.

The candidate will be provided access to dental and miscellaneous health care costs. The company offers a 401K traditional and Roth options with a five percent match.

Goals and Expectations of Position

The minimal expectations of the position include:

  • To full fill the tasks identified under the job description.
  • To continuously improve job related skills.
  • At a minimum, work 40 hours per week, unless otherwise approved by a BAY principal or other authorized staff.
  • Normal work shift is generally from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (including a non-paid lunch break of 1/2-hour when working in the office).
  • Position will require flexibility in hours depending on nature of projects. For example, a project may require extended hours or overnight stay to complete field activities.
  • Employee will be required to attend training (paid by BAY) as needed to perform the job functions assigned.

Experience Requirements

This is an entry level position that will require a bachelor degree in environmental science, environmental engineering, earth science or equivalent. Classroom and field training for plant biology and soils, as well as, wetland delineation experience will be looked upon favorably. Any employment or internships with regulatory or consulting firms will also be looked upon favorably.

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