How to Properly Manage Potential Household Hazardous Materials

As the weather warms up and summer is right around the corner, many people are cleaning out garages, getting lawn equipment ready, and tending to landscaping. Generating waste from these activities can be difficult to dispose of if you don’t know how to properly manage them. For those living in Brown County and all of Northeast Wisconsin, Brown County Port & Solid Waste has a household hazardous waste management program. The information below is provided by Brown County Port & Solid Waste for residents.

There are a lot of household products that contain hazardous materials. Disposing of them incorrectly could cause damage to the environment and harm to humans. Below is a guide to help you identify hazardous materials in your home.


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Images courtesy of Household Hazardous Waste Management form.


For additional information please see the following PDF provided by Brown County Recycling.